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Silene’s Ragù (meat sauce), single jar pack

At Il Silene the sauce has always been a ritual. An important act, made today as tradition demands. Well-matured meat, but never noble, combined with a simple and tasty mirepoix. Onion, garlic, parsley and oil are sautéed over low heat and then the ground beef is added. A nuanced quality red wine and only the best tomatoes from our garden complete this unique seasoning. "The sauce," as we call ragù, is light, digestible and rich in flavours. This sauce envelopes the tagliatelle noodles with taste, providing the palate with an excellent experience, never disappointing our senses.


Silene’s Scottiglia, single jar pack

Scottiglia is a typical Tuscan dish, which has spread with different variations. It is a tasty red and white meat sauce, left to simmer for hours on low heatwith Mediterranean herbs and tomatoes, according to the most ancient traditions. Born as a dish that recovered ancient recipes, scottiglia is classified as a soup. Its flavour, strong and determined, is made unmistakable by the presence of hot pepper, combines well with bread and cheese and can be proposed as an appetizer dish, as a second course or as a main dish.


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Ragù, Scottiglia