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+ Taste is never static. It is dynamic and expresses evolution.

+ The Silene Restaurant, has a long history, beginning in the early 1900's and continuing up to the present. La Signora Silene founded the restaurant and gave it her name. When I take a look at her old notebooks or remember her stories it is easy for me to feel that old way of being of a serious "locanda" with the characteristics typical of those times. Although not wanting to part from this tradition, I would nevertheless like to keep pace with the present era, which is especially interesting and stimulating regarding cookery, both in our own tradition and in those of other areas.

+ Special attention to modern cookery with techniques of cooking and tools that once were unknown

+ My philosophy, the philosophy of the Silene Restaurant, respects the raw materials and the techniques of work. It gives priority to the foods of our own area without forgetting the enormous culinary potentiality of the rest of the "Bel Paese." We prepare not only local dishes, therefore, but also give an attentive glance at other parts of Tuscany and beyond. In fact we have suppliers from all over Italy. This is a philosophy, simple and decidedly coherent, that satisfies me and makes me happy to be a cook and a host in Seggiano.

+ Our wine lists and oil lists include products from all over Italy. I attend personally to the choices from the wine cellars. I have a direct contact with the companies and exclude any form of intermediary.

+ Regarding the criteria of selection, I give special importance to local products.